Common Symptoms Found During Fuel Injector Testing – Tech Talk Radio Show

ass through or salted streets in snow-prone regions that cause significant corrosion of fuel lines and fuel injectors. The latest vehicles with gasoline-direct injections will experience carbon blockages in those fuel injectors. This is due to the fact that the carbon blockage is located in the combustion chamber. The leftover fuel creates heat to the mix.

The symptoms are clear when the fuel injectors get blocked. Check engine lights are one example. There are specific codes for the fuel injector to be blocked and for conditions with low levels (more air and less fuel) which can lead to fires that don’t work. It is also possible to start your vehicle hard or your engine will not turn off at all. A blocked fuel injector doesn’t let fuel pass through at all or restricts to the precise amount required. Without a correct ratio between air and fuel and engine combustion isn’t able to work. A different possibility is a clogged fuel injector that is unable to provide the appropriate fuel amount at the rate required for the ECM. It is possible to experience an engine that stalls due to the lack of fuel causing inadequate air-to-fuel ratio. There could be an unsteady idle because the fuel injector is not releasing sufficient fuel to your engine.

If you suspect that your fuel injector is blocked then it’s time to go for fuel injector testing. Don’t forget to get your fuel system cleaned each 10,000 miles to stop your fuel injectors from becoming clogged up. wcdoye138m.