Cylinder Head Erosion on a Waukesha Engine – Car Talk Credits

The YouTube video “Waukesha Cylinder head Erosion” provides a reason why it occurs and gives tips for maintaining your vehicle properly.

Waukesha cylinder sleeves coming in contact with liquids can be susceptible to erosion. It is caused by mechanical vibration causing dissolved gases and liquid to trigger resultant shock forces. The resulting wear and tear on the protective film and coatings. In the event that the work environment around the Waukesha cylinder is naturally acidic, the intensity of the deterioration increases.

Waukesha’s cylinder head erosion could create a loss in coolant that could lead to overheating, issues with reliability and ultimately engine failure. Two options are available for repairing the erosion of Waukesha’s cylinder. An experienced Waukesha mechanic must first verify that the correct inhibitor as well as additives are within the system. One option is replacing the cylinder head completely. It is an expensive option and will depend on availability for a replacement.

Alternately, you can modify gas heads for diesel fuel. In order to replace it properly the Waukesha cylinder area which is affected by corrosion has be removed from the cylinder and a new plug made to enable the cylinder head to work in. 4toavbebgp.