The Advantages and Disadvantages of Four Top Groundwater Remediation Technologies – Technology Radio

H has distinct benefits and drawbacks. Knowing how each system operates will help you find the best solution for you.

Specific oils and sugars may be introduced directly into the groundwater by way of biological injections. It stimulates the process of growing microbial colonies. It is easy to do and can produce results in a matter of seconds. But certain groundwater chemistry needed for it to be effective and it can only target a limited number of pollutants.

Another option is air sparging in which air is injected into the groundwater. This also achieves fast outcomes with low maintenance, and requires no extra additives. You will need to place injector wells as well as airline.

The third choice is a treat and pump system. These systems utilize stripspers, filters and various other substances to remove or treat the water in ground. The method is able to handle the majority of contaminants. In contrast, it requires a large amount of specialized equipment and the groundwater involved needs to be properly cleaned afterward. Another method is monitoring naturally attenuation. It is a natural remediation process through consistent collection and analysis. 93h9543cka.