Tips to Improve Your RV Storage – Travel Blog Sites

floors, such as dishes, linens and canned items.

You can also use eye-level storage containers. They are an ideal solution to put away food items, trash bags, cleaning materials, snacks, crackers and cereal. It could be as simple as a bin for storage placed over the closet rod, or wall-mounted shelf built from metal, wood, or plastic.

Within the bathroom, you can store cleaning products, or bath essentials in decorative plastic baskets hung on the back of doors. It is also possible to store makeup brushes, hairbrushes, and shower caps in the bathroom by putting them just above the toilet.

Another storage option in the rv space is to utilize the space you have in your dresser drawers. You can fill them with T-shirts and sweaters are stored in the closet’s back. Utilize the smaller drawers to store small items like underwear, socks and t-shirts. Consider placing the drawers above your dryer or washing machine to keep cleaning supplies such as first aid kit, toys, and other items.