What Do Estate Planning Attorneys Do for Clients? – Maine’s Finest

In addition, they can help if someone becomes disabled or disabled. An attorney with expertise in estate planning can guide clients on what must occur to them if they’re unable to stand up for themselves. This involves outlining their wishes concerning the dispersal of their wealth and assets and those who make crucial healthcare decision-making on their behalf. Without setting these plans in their place, the court or the state could decide these issues for you, and you could not be happy with their decisions.

The living trust or a pour-over , will and financial power of attorney and medical power of attorney are necessary documents to plan your estate. These documents define precisely how decisions should be made and who is entitled to make them in the event that you’re incapable of speaking your mind properly.

Making sure your estate plan is in order to ensure your family and yourself have the most favorable future. The whole process is made more simple by working with an estate planning attorney.