What You Need to Know About Coccydynia – FFH Nutrition

It can lead to the development of a severe disability. This article will provide useful strategies.

A direct injury, repetitive trauma or degeneration may cause coccyx pain. The following are the possible causes for pain in the tailbone:

1. Coccyx bleeding, fracture or dislocation
2. Coccyx-related changes in the anatomy
3. Coccyx bone spurs
Overgrown or thickened bone
(bone spurs) close to the end of your tailbone could alter its length , or its normal the angulation. If you tilt your head forward or backwards, the bone spur(s), can squeeze your skin or other tissues. It could result in pain.
4. Coccygeal arthritis
There is a possibility to cause to develop degenerative arthritis (osteoarthritis) to form in the joints of the coccyx , due to wear and tear that results in tailbone pain.
5. Obsygeal or occygeal tumors
While rare, tumors as well as infections can trigger pain in the coccyx. Chondroma can be described as a malignant bone tumor that can be found in the coccygeal area.

For a better diagnosis and treatment, visit an expert if you are experiencing pain in the tailbone does not get better on its own. tj3trfoj6x.