Who Needs Hazardous Waste/Cargo Training? Read More Below – Loyalty Driver

Think about the amount of hazardous substances humans produce. In the World Count website shows that we’ve witnessed an increase in the amount of hazardous materials production of up to 400% in one generation.

More than 3 billion tons of hazardous waste is handled every year by thousands of workers. It is therefore essential for all employees handling hazardous products are certified to handle hazardous waste disposal. The OSHA hazardous waste regulation requires that operations involving hazardous waste are compliant with specific safety standards such as worker training, as well as hazwoper refresher requirements.

Given that 95% of all hazmat-related shipments made daily happen using trucks, truckers would be the best place to start. The course, which lasts for 48 hours, is compulsory to all employees working for the Department of Transportation. Training can be done at a location or online to ensure every employee is adequately trained. An additional crucial step to workers working with hazardous materials is hazmat safety equipment.

There are many facts you did not know about hazardous materials and transportation. For safety reasons at work it’s essential for all workers exposed to harmful substances undergo adequate training.